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Originally Posted by asif163 View Post
I have both an E92 M3 and a G37s Coupe. NO comparison whatsoever. The M3 is better in every single minute detail, facet, and way. The fit and finish of the interior on the M is far superior and the acceleration is night and day. I can't even stand to drive the G37s anymore. When I do drive the Infiniti I can't stop comparing it to how bad it is compared to my old E92 335i let alone my brand spankin new 2011 M3!! I can't wait to get rid of that thing and get something else when the lease is up. Actually this G37s convinced me that I will not buy Infiniti again!
Agreed. It's just not even a fair comparison. Performance wise it's a little akin to comparing an M3 to a GT-R. Of course you get a lot more because you paid a lot more. Makes perfect sense.

A Nismo 370Z is probably a closer rival the the M3 in terms of what both cars were designed do to from the ground up.