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Originally Posted by M3_WC View Post
So basically we are now calling the entry-level Ferrari a "supercar"?

Yes the 458 is amazing, I drool over it. But it is not a supercar. A supercar is a Zonda, Koenigsegg, or Veyron.

Same goes for the GTR, it is not a supercar. Yes it is quick, but it is missing some main ingredients to be labeled a supercar. I hate how that word is just tossed around now.
I agree, I have a GT-R, it is not a supercar, but its is "near" supercar performance as I would call it. Its not a supercar. The Veyron is without a doubt a supercar. I know these videos are old that Im posting, but if this isnt a supercar then please show me what is. You have to love the germans The first time they ran the Veyron engine full throttle in testing, it caught the building on fire. The engine produced nearly 3,000 horsepower at full power.

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