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Originally Posted by blipit View Post
It isn't all about speed or lap times. I agree with other poster, supercar is thrown around to easily. What happened to the special uniqueness of a supercar? The 458 even laps Fiorano faster than the old Enzo, it still isn't a "supercar". Speed is not the only quality to a supercar. So you think a ZR-1 is a supercar, because of "ring" times. That is plain stupid. These cars may be as quick or quicker than some supercars, but they don't get that label. Besides speed, they don't have those exotic and rare qualities of a true "supercar".
Name some qualities of the zhonda or veyron that make it above and beyond.

This of course can't be :
1) rarity - because a 458 is rare (hell, so is a ZR1)
2) mid engine - because a 458 is mid engine
3) wacky doors - because a mosler MT900 has wacky doors, and it costs less than a 911 tt with any options.
4) speed - because a crap load of cars are fast as hell
5) lightness - because an MT900 is super light, and so is an elise.
6) power - plenty of powerful cars
7) looks - plenty of exotic lookers

(p.s. I'll go ahead and give you price and badge).