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Originally Posted by scottwww View Post
OCR software does that? ORLY? I've used OCR software and it hasn't done that at all. What is your source of information? I haven't tried it on my own birth certificate to see if there might be something very strange about OCR software that could confirm what you say. Have you tried it? What makes you think OCR software would create all those layers and what makes you think that the signature would not show gradients?

For the record, I think that the certificate is legitimate, but the scan was purposely manipulated for Obama with the purpose of continuing the discussion. He gained politically by the original call to produce the certificate, so he wants to see if he can do it again. Nothing else makes sense. Your OCR expanation makes no sense. Perhaps you can change mine (and others) minds by demonstrating this effect on other birth certificates or documents. That is a challenge for you. I expect you to fail utterly in that pursuit, but would certainly welcome the effort, and acknowledge your win if it is a reproduceable effect.

I still haven't watched parts 2, 3 and 4. I will do that tonight!
Do you even know the difference between scanning an image to a PDF, and making a photocopy? You clearly don't seem to grasp the difference.

Here are people actually showing photos that even include the seal:

It certainly DOES make birther's look completely stupid. So if it is a trap by Obama, it's working!!! Your credibility on all issues sinks more and more with every post.