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Arrow ♦ Sonic MS | Evolve-R Remote Tuning Solution for the E9X M3

Sonic Motorsports
1045 West El Camino Real
Mountain View, CA 94040
tel: 650-733-6506
fax: 650-691-9009

We at Sonic MS are proud to announce that we've partnered with Evolve to become one of the first authorized dealers in North America for Evolve products.

All Evolve products purchased thru us carry Evolve's excellent technical support in addition to their value-added benefits.

BMW M3 E9X: Evolve-R ECU Tune Stage 1

Most E9X M3s will produce in the region of 405-415bhp on the dyno. With the Evolve ECU remap, one will generally see anything upto 425-430bhp once an adaptation time period has elapsed.

Through careful remapping of the factory BMW DME tables, various elements such as ignition timing, fuel delivery, vanos position and part throttles are reworked to create performance gains.
 The result is an M3 which feels far sharper and pulls harder through the rev band, especially over 4500rpm.

Evolve's engine tuning philosophy is to improve driveability and enjoyment. They do this by giving an increase in power and torque throughout the entire rev range, and not just a 'glory' BHP figure found at high rpm where you don't spend the majority of your time. Evolve's figures are also very conservative and can easily be replicated on other dynos.

  • Additional 15bhp
  • Fully developed on dyno and road
  • Top speed limiter removal
  • Sharper throttle response and drivability
  • Flash from home convenience
  • Return to stock anytime

To get this software, Evolve now offers the revolutionary Evolve-R remote tuning tool. The Evolve-R is the latest hardware release from Evolve, enabling customers to load their industry leading ECU software upgrade directly into their vehicles themselves, at home. You can choose between the stock map or upgraded Evolve map at your convenience, and no evidence is left when you restore your stock software.

Do you already have other modifications? No problem. Evolve offers various stage maps for those with pre-existing modifications. Contact us to ensure you receive the correctly tuned maps for your modifications.

Examples of mod-specific tunes available:
- Akrapovic Evolution System
- Full "Race" Exhaust Setups (ie: catless setups such as RPI GT/M Race)
- Various Intake Setups (ie: Scoops & Performance Drop-In Filters).
- Performance Under-Drive Pulleys
- ....and more!

With the Evolve-R and the ECU software, you not only get Evolve's highly developed tuning solution for your vehicle, you also get:
  • CHANGE OF CAR DISCOUNT - If you are changing vehicle, we offer a discount of 80% on your new tune*
  • STAGE UPGRADE DISCOUNT - Want even more power? If a second or third stage exists for your vehicle that you have the mods for, you receive discounts for upgrading (price dependent upon vehicle and stage, please ask for details).
  • REPLACEMENT CAR DISCOUNT - If you replace your car for a like for like engine model you pay only for a replacement Evolve-R unit! No ECU software fees will apply!*
*Up to a maximum of 2 times. Applicable only to vehicles tuneable by Evolve-R units.

Created with extensive research and testing, the E9X M3 ECU upgrade transforms power and drivability of the S65 V8 engine. Developed with hundreds of hours of dyno testing, datalogging and endurance testing, Evolve's ECU remap delivers approximately 15-20hp and 10lb/ft torque gains on a stock vehicle while retaining maximum safety margins.

Evolve also reworks the torque calculations correctly to give consistent power. The latest version of Evolve's ECU flash has been thoroughly developed and gives an actual gain in performance rather than just a quoted figure.

Software versions for cars with performance x-pipes are also fully developed as evidenced by the second dyno chart below.

Stage 1 ECU Remap - Baseline vs. Evolve Stage 1 Software

Stage 3 ECU Remap - Baseline vs. Evolve Stage 3 Software for X-Pipes + HFCs

Evolve only advertisse their average figures based on the numerous runs they perform on their in-house dyno. You will not find any glory run figures from Evolve.

Options for the Evolve ECU Remap Include:
  • Raising the rev limit
  • Adjustability of throttle mapping
  • Removal of CEL lights (ie: for those running catless or HFCs)
  • Top speed governer removal
  • Cold Start Delete

In addition, Evolve updates their software with newer versions periodically, and they will be offered to existing customers, for free.

Why choose Evolve?
Evolve's reputation is built on ability, customer service and knowledge. They pride themselves on delivering safe and reliable software modifications that increase driver enjoyment above all else. Evolve has the capacity to create their own software and test on both their in-house dyno, on the road and track. They have tuned over a thousand of exclusive European vehicles, many of these being existing customer referrals. They also tune for various motorsport teams and other companies.

*Price listed does not include sales tax, if applicable (CA 9.25%).

You can simply order through our website in the below link.

Store Hours:
Mon-Fri : 10AM-7PM PST
Sat: 12PM-5PM PST


We accept all major Credit Cards, in addition to PayPal and Certified Cashiers Checks / Money Orders.

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