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Originally Posted by scottwww View Post
The liberal sources of record and haven't even tried to debunk what the youtube poster offered? Have they done so, and I am just not finding it? Or have they gone silent?

What is to debunk? The process of color scanning a mixed media document into a PDF creates a digital image of the original that can contain multiple layers of images. That's how Adobe works.

Do you think the scanner artifacts and multiple layers of digital images also appears in the state certified paper copy BEFORE it was color scanned? Are you that completely ignorant of modern technology?

If you want to verify the CONTENT of the PDF image, CNN and many others have publish a non-digital grey-tone photocopy of the original PDF that they made for themselves. This was made with a different technology, where the image isn't scanned into a digital document, it is just copied pixel by pixel. It shows the CONTENTS of both the photocopy and the PDF both match.