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Originally Posted by img View Post
Boost leak or vacuum leak is not something ur car suffering from,thats for the stage 2+,as mentioned before,im trying to figure out how come ur car a stage 1 puts down close to a stage 2+ ???
Obviously cant speak for the stage 2+ you posted - it would only be speculation. Unless the owners of those cars are in this thread, its kind of pointless. I would imagine that when I upgrade to 2+ I should make closer to 500rwhp - which would be fine by me. Since the Meth is used for cooling, not sure what kind of impact it will make on hp.

Another member who is local to me who doesnt post much, just recently had his AA S/C installed and will be taking it to the dyno soon. Hopefully he will share the numbers as its the same place I had my car dyno'd. Its Stage 2 without Meth.