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Originally Posted by Jaypod View Post
SAE - I get what you are saying, but to be honest, from the outside it looks like a bunch of the ESS guys seem insecure and bash everyone else (just an observation) and was one of the reasons I never considered ESS. I dont doubt that ESS has a great kit, but so do the others.

The point of S/C'ing this car is to enjoy it and have fun. I track my car regularly and have passed many cars that have much more hp (and also been passed by cars with less for that matter!) The thing I love about my kit (obviously cant comment on the others as I havent driven them) is how it really keeps the characteristics of the OEM feel.

I wish more people would just have fun enjoying their cars instead of arguing on the internet, it really gets old.
I agree with u about what it seems like no doubt but from all what ive seen is that all ESS cars post there data all the time for an open discussion and for some reason other post AA data and when they do they are haters for some odd reason and trying to bash a vendor.ive delt with AA before and had a great experience with there product,and once again i never said that the AA kit was shit and my post is based on facts !!!