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Originally Posted by Studntloan View Post
Mhm, and img has no reason to feel insecure about his kit trust me both company's make great products but at the end of the day ess has a cheaper kit with better results and has proven to be reliable with no issues at all, and that's why counts when buying one of these
I didnt mention any names

Originally Posted by m33 View Post
Active is a good company no doubt about that !
But can you honesty sit there and tell everyone that getting 468whp for a kit claiming 625chp @ the price you paid a solid choice ??
I would be a little pissed if it were me ....
Then again maybe we all are jumping the gun and you might just have a boost/vaccum leak of some sort...

Good luck figuring it out ! :cheers:
Boost/ vacuum leak? I was told my kit would make 450rwhp I made 466rwhp - yep I am pissed

Hey but for me personally it's not about making the most hp - otherwise I would have bought a different car, not to mention something lighter.