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Originally Posted by img View Post
Thank u for posting !!! was that SAE or STD .
Also your car,kit seems to be working perfect and the reason i posted the dyno comparo is tryin to figure out whats the issue with the Stage 2+ cause there are some stage 2+running 93 octane and they didnt put down much more power than you get my point ???

SAE - I get what you are saying, but to be honest, from the outside it looks like a bunch of the ESS guys seem insecure and bash everyone else (just an observation) and was one of the reasons I never considered ESS. I dont doubt that ESS has a great kit, but so do the others.

The point of S/C'ing this car is to enjoy it and have fun. I track my car regularly and have passed many cars that have much more hp (and also been passed by cars with less for that matter!) The thing I love about my kit (obviously cant comment on the others as I havent driven them) is how it really keeps the characteristics of the OEM feel.

I wish more people would just have fun enjoying their cars instead of arguing on the internet, it really gets old.