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Religion is complex. As far as a deeper meaning, there are some, the Bible tells us all things, one has to read the whole Bible to understand other parts. Example, Christ will return with a sword. But if you read the whole Bible it is said the Word of God is the sword that cuts both ways. So there is a deeper meaning as to what the sword is when Christ returns.
As far as Judaism/Christians, the Christians wanted to seperate themselves from the Jewish religion. Mistakes were made. Easter is a great example. Ishtar(Eastre/Easter) is the goddess of fertility, she was worshiped with eggs and bunnys.(i think you all know what bunnys do) This celebration was at the time of the spring equinox the same time as Passover and the Crucificition. Im Christian (if you go back to the manuscripts the word Easter is not there its Pascha in the Greek which means Passover. It was imporperly translated into English because of traditions of man) and I celebrate Passover. So, yes, Christians, if they would study, would find Judaism much more Bibically accurate.

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