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Originally Posted by ATG View Post
Welcome to the thread. So, who created God? You spent 5 years on it, so tell us, the mortals. Be honest and concise.
Nobody created God. I'm not here to bash you, I disagree with your faith (whether or not you want to believe it, Atheism IS a religion), equally as you disagree with mine and I hope we can both respect each other equally and attempt to proceed discussing this topic intelligently. Again, who created God? Nobody. Faith is defined as belief in something for which there is no proof. Believe me, this is harder for me given my education than many, I am a major in international political economy and a minor in philosophy. The entire premise of philosophy is basically to ruin everything's meaning, ironically, it's original intention was to apply meaning to everything. Faith is a choice, it isn't something to be learned, it isn't something you are born with, faith, plain and simple, is a choice. Whether or not you choose to believe in God is between yourself and God. For me, I don't understand Atheism, it sounds silly but I can't look at a sunset, or the ocean, or myself... and believe all of it is arbitrary. However, Agnostics, I am fine with... I feel as long as you believe in my God, I don't care how you worship him, if God is rational, he is not going to condemn a Mormon for accepting a third testament, if God is rational he is not going to condemn a fanatical Christians for believing in replacement theology, nor will he condemn Muslims for a misinterpretation of teachings. God created us, he knows our flaws, we aren't perfect, we all know that, and so does God. My point is, as long as you live believe in God, and live a life of purpose and moral character, I really don't think God gives a shit about how, or why, you accept him. At that, if he does, then send me to hell because I don't want to be a servant to an irrational God.