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Since we touched on this... let me stray from the topic for a second...

I think that the MAJOR feature that distinguishes humans from animals is ability to laugh and understand humor, which essentially translates to an understanding of a futility of life and still looking positively at that. As long as any religion accepts and welcomes jokes even about the fundamentals of it, I'm ok with that religion.
Judaism. Jews are probably far more ciritical of themselves than any other religion I can think of. I want to know how many "Atheists" have actually studied religion. I am Jewish, I grew up Jewish, when I was 12 years old I walked into my Rabbi's office one day and said "Rabbi, I'm about to have my Bar Mitzvah....but I have a question, If god created everything...who created God?" he told me to study on my own because nothing he could tell me would prove anything and that that question is what is the main question of faith. For 5 years, I read the Bible, The Quran, Christianity, The Book of Mormon, etc...pretty much every modern religion you can think of. I found my answers back at Judaism on my own research and help with my Father who has study theology his entire life and I would bet money that he knows more about every religion than anyone you will ever meet... most college professors and leaders of churches included. In fact, he once had a conversation with a Christian friends Pastor and the Pastor took a leave of absence to reevaluate his faith. My point is, for me, Judaism was best.... it is based more on God, How to lead you life as a good person, and how to help others, it has it's flaws as any religion does but none are based on it's teachings, they are based in it's administration, such as Orthodox Jews, some still segregate men and women in worship which i find ridiculous. I don't like Christianity because it's based on proselytization, which I think is ridiculous. Judaism completely denounces proselytization. It doesn't have all the preachy miracle brewhaha that Christianity does. And the one thing I never understood... Christians believe they follow Jesus, and the Bible says to live in his image... if that's the case? Why be a christian? shouldn't you be a Jew?

EDIT: Also, can someone tell me why christians believe everything in the bible has some deep interpretation or some miracle and hidden meaning. I believe God is rational and if he is presenting us a teaching to learn from it's going to be that. A textbook in essence. It's not a sudouku puzzle that needs deconstruction. its a literal teaching.