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Originally Posted by Spoolin335 View Post
This guy knows his shit when it comes to using Adobe programs. Watch how he dissects the editing flaws on Obama's supposed legit birth certificate.

There is 4 videos. Each video has a link in the end of it to the next video.
Watch in HD full screen to see better.
Pretty interesting video. I had heard about the charge that the new birth certificate was a fake. I just hadn't really wanted to pay any attention to that. Perhaps it is fraudulent. Perhaps not. I don't think we can conclude what the guy in the video does - that it is a fake.

It does appear that they worked on the certificate in multiple layers. It's really stupid that they would do that knowing of the controversy around this certificate. It really should be re-examined in detail by a team of people who can scan it, photograph it, etc. Ultimately, the idea would be to put this to rest once and for all.

My suspicion is that Obama's team doctored the certificate for the purpose of creating doubt among their critics in the authenticity of the certificate. He rolled out this certificate just in time to decapitate the presidential hopes of Donald Trump. Maybe they think they will get to use it again at a later date on somebody else who pushes the issue.

In any case, it does look pretty clear that they did some rather sloppy work on "enhancing" or "editing" this certificate. Anybody who had the resources of the president at his disposal should not have done such poor work.

What is of much greater importance than this in regard to Obama's birth: Did Obama become an Indonesian citizen? Did he lose his U.S. citizenship at that time? When did he regain U.S. citizenship? Is this a disqualifier for the term "natural born Citizen"?

And another angle: As Barack Obama's father was a British subject, is one U.S. citizen parent enough to establish "natural born Citizen" status for a child who is even born on U.S. soil? And what about Ann Dunham possibly not having been old enough to have had her citizenship and the location of birth together fully trump the nature of citizenship that would partly come down from the father?

There are other matters to consider as well. It seems that this thing is getting rather old, but the answers have not come yet. Those in power do not want a full hearing with full discovery.