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Originally Posted by ATG View Post
Since we touched on this... let me stray from the topic for a second...

I think that the MAJOR feature that distinguishes humans from animals is ability to laugh and understand humor, which essentially translates to an understanding of a futility of life and still looking positively at that. As long as any religion accepts and welcomes jokes even about the fundamentals of it, I'm ok with that religion.
Alot of church systems or brands as you put it, are laughable. Church systems are businesses and most have gotten away from the Bible and teach their traditions/man's traditions. Man's word/traditions void the word of God. If you study the Bible, you can see God has humor too. (by the way you mentioned the Bible was written by man, however, the holy spirit influenced/authored what was written by mans hand) Church systems, in my view, make it very difficult for non-belivers. I have studied the Bible not church traditions,for many years. The Bible is very different than what many churches teach and is facinating when you understand what is really being said.