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Hi Frank - I'll bring this up with Mike.

Anyone else have q's? E.g I'm interested about how a dealership overwrite is handled.

I'm also following up on the logistics of how this will work ie all get together 1 afternoon, type of access Mike needs, etc.

Originally Posted by frankzlin79 View Post
Cool. So the more options we get per person, the better each person's price?

Couple of things I did not see in Mikes list that would ve cool to have:

1. Fold up side mirrors when engine is shut off.
2. Fold down side mirrors when engine is turned on.
3. Triple turn signal option can be set to x number of blinks. I'd pick 6 or 7 as three blinks is not enough to make a nice and slow lane change.

If DCT software is updated by the dealer, will recoding have to be done and how much?

Tinpot: can you ask Mike about all the above for us?