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Originally Posted by Masterplan View Post

After some brilliant advice on one of the last relationship threads, I thought I'd see what you guys would do to make your ex regret ending it.

This is not to 'win' her back, but purely to get her regretting it so I can get the last laugh.. After 5 years, she came out the blue and said she was no longer happy, and was apparently unhappy for a while.

After two weeks apart, Im really just looking for ideas folks on here would use to make her think twice?
Sorry to show up late to the party.

Sir, she will never regret leaving you. She has probably been blowing guys for months, if not years. Leaving you was just the last step of a long whoring rampage. Also, you probably suck. I mean like realllllllly suck. She will never regret it. Probably the smartest move shes made in 5yrs.