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I have used iDrive, it was a cinch. I've also been passengered in Autocar's silver M6 long-termer last year, which had been already set-up to extract its best through the M-button. All I'm saying is, not all of us see the M3 as just a 'nice car' that's brilliant. To me, a car is there to be driven hard and my current driving is heavily stacked in favour of hard driving. Therefore, it wouldn't be too difficult for M to do a version without Nav, iDrive and all the M-functions, just have it set to the optimum setting all of the time. That is part of what I've been calling for, a Clubsport package that gives lightweight seats and less creature comforts, GT3 style. If M are so serious about their 'hardcore' image, then their cars should offer that way for the customers who want that.