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Not directed at any single person in particular:

Is it absolutely impossible to have a sports conversation with objective observations about what is happening and without deriving some sort of superiority complex from a team that doesn't even know you exist? The team you're a fan of wins, great - be happy, enjoy it, that's what it's about.

No one's ass is hurt, and some prodding in good taste is all part of the fun, but it is however, very annoying, and counterproductive, to have would could be a productive discussion, devolve into jeering, content-void posts more concerned with putting someone down and arguing semantics of who said what like babies, perpetuated invariably (and ironically) by the people who's sports intelligence could benefit most from an actual exchange of truthful information and thoughts that dare to delve deeper into the intellectual end of the spectrum than "Miami's gay" or "Chicago sucks" comments.

Game 4 is a must win for the Bulls. If they can't tie this up, I don't see them winning 3 before Miami can win 1. Miami has the talent, and Chicago has the depth. Typically, you'd think talent would prevail, but as we saw in game 1, the Heat are not infallible. Chicago's bench needs to show up better in game 4. The Heat defended Rose perfectly in games 2 and 3 - his combined point total for both 4th quarters in those games is 4 - yes 4 points. Unfortunately, doubling Rose did not free up shots for the Bulls, they were fighting for a decent look all night long. On a positive note for the Bulls, I thought CJ Watson played well, and Boozer put up decent numbers. Wade didn't do much, and probably took more shots when he should have deferred to someone who was hitting, but props to him having the confidence to keep taking them when he thought he had the look.

However, Boozer's numbers suggested he played better than he did, but he's still somewhat awkward and lacking in confidence in the way he handles the ball on offense. Lebron absolutely shut down Deng, a lot are talking about Bosh playing out of his mind in game 3, but Lebron had the best game, as with Rose doubled, Deng is going to be the first look. Lebron took him out of that game. He played shut down defense, and found the open man on offense, occasionally taking (and making) a bailout shot when the shot clock dipped into the single digits. Additionally, Chicago's bigs played their collective worst game of the playoffs IMO. Omer needs to stand tall and defend, and I'm just hoping it was an off night for Noah. We know his bank account is feeling it.

Can't wait for game 4. No matter what happens, as the regular season unfolded, this is exactly what most people expected - Miami and Chicago in the Eastern Finals. I think a lot of people, myself included, overvalued how the Bulls played the Heat in the regular season. I don't think they're out of fight, however.