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Originally Posted by aus View Post
You guys should post an information only post in the Engine forum.

Also, do you have 91 octane (US) tunes (stock, catless, HFC)?
We could just ask for the needed tune as we get more mods, and it's all included?
Will it clear any codes?

Information only post?

Yes we tune specifically for the mods and octane that you have. With all our tunes once you order and send the ECU data, we will ask what options and octane you would like it created for.

The tune itself will adapt to a degree to most small mods. We tune for your mods, but the moment you throw in something very significant (like decatting) then it needs a completely new tune created that we have to charge for, as it takes just as much time to create it as the original tune, but in general a brand new tune for existing customers is $150.

We are building in datalogging right now and hope to also include code clearing. It will be a free update to all owners (along with any other updates to tunes if we improve on them over time). We have a few screens I can dig out to show but I guess a few months from now.