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Originally Posted by dave6408 View Post
Thanks. "Have spent far too much time reviewing options" according to my wife.

Didn't love wheels on ZCP package. Have had a 330i for 5 years and have been ok without the fold down option. But can see why some would like.

When I find out when I get approved for production, how much time is there to make changes before the actual build?

Also one last silly question. For those who have found defects at time of pickup how does one resolve when you're in South Carolina and do local dealers balk considering you've purchased somewhere else?
I didn't like the ZCP wheels either which is the only reason I didn't go ZCP. Also they weren't forged.

You have quite a bit of time before production. However I wouldn't make changes past a month before build. It only takes 1-2 days to build the car, so you have time. But depending where the car status is in, it becomes more difficult for your dealer to contact people at BMW to change the config. If the build date is June 1 I wouldn't be making changes after May 1... unless desperate.

I had one issue when I picked the car up... but they fixed it right at the Welt in 10 minutes. Of course I was in Munich... so does not apply for you.
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