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Originally Posted by bmw0perat0r View Post
There will be a time when the word of God is laughed at and rejected and that time is coming. More and more people are rejecting the Lord and his gift to man. - The death of His Son to save us from our sin.

I sometimes look around and think about all the people who aren't saved, living their lives without the knowledge or the acceptance of Christ. Sometimes I think about those friends of mine that aren't saved and it scares me. I know that one day all those who believe in Christ as their savior will be with Him. I wonder if they will be there. I worry about them...what can I do if they have heard and will not accept? I don't know...but as it has been said, God has given us free will. We can choose to accept or deny Him.

Things in the world are beginning to indicate that end times might be at our doorstep. I would hope that more would recognize and come to accept the Lord. I know this may or may not happen...but just look at the violence in the world...the natural disasters...the religious war heating up in the middle east. Many may discount the violence as a reoccuring happenstance, the natural disasters as normal planet evolution or b/c of fossil fuels and the war in the middle east as a result of American politics. I don't believe these as reasons or any reason you could conjur, I believe this is coming about as a sign. "...When you see these things, know that the coming of your Lord is near."

I think I already made it clear where I stand in all this earlier in the thread...I just hope more come to know Christ...
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