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Originally Posted by CollinsE90 View Post
You're thinking about it way too much, fuck all that "personal" shit, disappear and don't contact her. If she texts you ignore it for awhile. Women don't want a pussy, they already have one. You do what I say she'll regret it and maybe come back begging. Then you'll have the last laugh when you don't take her back. She doesn't exist anymore, find some new snatch and show her you didn't need her either. When I say don't contact her, DONT TALK TO HER PERIOD, she wants to know she still has you and if you ignore her she will be lost and wondering what happened.
Lol soo true when I think about it.

Initially I was pretty upset, but nothing cures that more than hitting the gym and getting out with your mates. Its just getting the self confidence back thats been tough, although it is getting easier.

On the look for my own place as well. New start and all that