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I'm assuming you're AF/US Military based on your location.

When you get to MD, you have 60 days to register, or else you face "penalties" if you try to register after that. MD charges a 6% excise tax even if you've already paid taxes (f--k that).

If you plan on remaining active duty, then do this:

Prepare for South Dakota residency. You will have to pay a tax, but it's low (3%) and based off the difference if you traded in an old vehicle. You will pay 3% on the used car value if the car is used (NADA values used by SD).

Residency is easy and takes one day.

You will never have a state tax ever again. Read this for Maryland law: "If you are a legal resident of Maryland and serving in the military, you must file a resident Maryland tax return, regardless of where you are stationed. You must also report all of your taxable income from all sources, including military pay." Can you believe that? Why pay state tax if you're not even in the state? Stupid. When you PCS from MD, and have SD residency, then you won't pay state tax. Save some $$$

You will have a SD license plate in MD, but you're good as long as you're active military.
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