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Couple weeks is actually good... When i got my tranny replace it took one month cause no one in the us got one so they had to shipped it from Germany ...

I was just at the dealer and i ask about Rod Bearing failure and Said that this is cause by driving te car hard over revved or red lining which will lead to Rod Bearing Failure... Not sure how concrete the info is but he said he had 2 cases with engine replacement.

well lucky for u previous owner might have drove the car hard and now u got a new engine..
So we bought //M cars for routine daily driving? I could do that with a natural gas Civic and pay $2/gal and drive in the carpool lane. That's just an idiot response. See below.

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and I bet your dealer also said it happened on DCT cars too......simple, over-rev--->top end failure...rod bearing/oil starvation---> bottom end failures.
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I've just finished the break in of my brand new 2011 engine in my 2008 e90 M3. Mine started clanging and was fully replaced before any issues raised their ugly head. BMW Germany sent over a crate engine to New Zealand within a week. Very happy. I guess they wanted my noisy engine back in Germany for research!
This is becoming a bit distressing.
Someone should start up a registry. I'd feel a lot better with at least a 100,000 mile warranty on the engine.


Are u fawkin serious...???

LOL i daily routine my ///M

WOW u must know so much about cars then.... Read my post again and if u dont understand read it again.. If M3post got a emoticon on iphone i sure would put the icon slap in the back of ur head... LOL