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Originally Posted by erm324 View Post
nor do any audis.......AWD FTL are loaded with it. I'm surprised to see you have an M3...the M3 guys are usually pretty classy and appreciate (and are knowledgeable about) other marques and models. Your comments are what I typically hear from the guys with an //M badge preceeding 323i.

The TTRS is bone stock, and is down about 75 hp to the M3. Still only by about 3 cars in a run to 150mph. Not bad. Tune that TTRS (just a tune) and it picks up an easy 80-100hp...and will put buslengths on the M3.

Still, how about these two 11 year old RS4s vs the same M3? Their AWD managed well, despite your rule that no audis have anything from a roll. lol.

Here's a modded M3 vs. a bone stock TTRS from a dig. Takes the M3 till about 150mph to catch up (or whatever the top of 5th gear is)

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