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Originally Posted by AngelinIsRich08 View Post
So I was driving in a well trafficked area today and got a speeding ticket for going 47 in a 30. I highly doubt that as I had my HUD on and knew I wasn't speeding by that much. I couldn't have because I was looking for a parking spot and was looking sideways so I definitely wasn't going over 30. I asked the cop to see his radar gun to see my speed but he said he couldn't do that. Is it against rules to see what he clocked me at? I was in my X5M and was going with a similar speed as everyone else but of all of them he picked me because of my car.
I don't think he has to show you his radar gun, but if you go to court with it he has to show up, has to show a printout of exactly what the radar gun said, provide proof that the radar gun was functioning correctly, and after all that you can still present your case to the judge and hope for some leniency. Plus the cop might not even show up to court, and you get a free pass. Still sucks that you have to take the time to go in just to prove you didn't do jack wrong. Sounds like you were getting picked on, but even if you were going the exact speed of everyone else and everyone else was speeding as well, he could have pulled any one of your over and been within his duties, it's just the luck of the draw (and probably your car too). I'd argue your case before the judge, but be careful with accusatory comments or claiming the cop lied... you know what happens when you fight the law... nothing good for you

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