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Originally Posted by buddster View Post
Mike - do you have the capability of setting the MDM (M Button) to be automatically on when the car starts. This would be the default mode and hitting the steering wheel button would toggle it off etc... The M Dynamic Mode is great. Don't know about the other guys here, but I love the extra throttle response and drive this way almost all of the time. It's just an absolute pain the ass to always have to switch that thing on. Let me know what you think.
Funny you mention this. I believe that's coded in DME so it may be trickier, but I actually wanted to have my normal settings be Comfort EDC / Sport throttle / Normal steering (thought I'd want Sport steering before I got it but realized it's too heavy for my taste in city driving -- perfect for spirited drives though) and was always annoyed that no matter what I did the car would start up in Normal throttle and I think Normal EDC. This is sort of buried in the manual, but you can actually change the non-M Drive startup defaults. Go to the M Drive settings screen, press Options on the iDrive knob, and you'll be able to set startup EDC, Throttle, shift lights if you have DCT, and maybe even Drivelogic. It won't give you Sport Plus throttle or Sport servotronic steering (those are only for M Drive ON), and I have no idea how to do this if you don't have iDrive, but it may help somewhat you somewhat.
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