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This is great, thank you. Ultimately, I think i got down to 1:24-1:25 area pretty consistently. My next outing will be on Nitto NT01's.

Your points are right on, definitely things to work on next time. For sure I'm braking too much in 9, and definitely not getting wide enough in 10. I think i'm also crabbing in at the entry to the bowl, thereby messing with my turn-in.

The other thing that may not have been apparent is that i'm riding the rev limiter in 3rd gear for 1-2, sometimes 3 beats before braking into T3 and the bowl. 3 track days ago, staying in 3rd was perfect but as speed has increased, I think I need to shift more. I'm not advanced enough to just do this on the fly without breaking rhythm so next session will be a test going to 4th in T3 and the bowl. My guess is that i'll hit the limiter even earlier on the Nittos because I'll be able to carry more speed through the previous corner.

Thanks again for your help/thoughts. I'll be at the track for 3-4 DE days at the beginning of June, let me know if you'll be there.