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Thanks JAJ. Well, I guess now we know related to the springs.
I took another look at the article about their M3 in the Tuner GP that got me interested in these initially (BMWCAR Nov 09)- here is another point they referenced:
"The lower ride height (30mm) also requires some re-calibration of the suspension strut geometry, which again the new tops mounts allow. A-workx has its own bespoke settings for ride height, camber and toe..." Looking at this, they could well be merely referencing Vs the standard M3...
Still, I'm very happy with Clubsports- at least the camber plates are a cool anodized blue! (They do have the helper spring on the rears- just didn't post that one). I sent another chaser e-mail to a-workx to clarify if any other differences, but it likely appears not. Cheers.

Originally Posted by JAJ View Post
The springs are:

10-60-80 - this is a helper spring, it's fully collapsed when loaded (ignore it)

90-170 - this is a 60mm ID, 170mm free length, 90 Newtons per mm spring, or in English, it's a 6.7" 514 pound per inch racing spring

140-200 - this is a 60mm ID, 200mm free length, 140 Newtons per mm spring, or in English, it's a 7.9" 800 pound per inch racing spring

There should also have been a helper spring for the rear - marked 20-60-80. Was it there and you just didn't photograph it, or did they change the design so it's not needed any more?

These are the "normal" KW Clubsport springs lengths and rates for the E92 M3 kit.
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