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You seem to be turning 1:25-26 laps without traffic in the new chicane to chicane configuration, which is good pace. A somewhat modified E36 M3 should be able to get closer to 1:20s with better rubber, so you do have a few seconds to pick up. NHMS is a tight technical track with elevation change and rewards handling over power. I was turning high 1:21s in a bone stock Z4M on the crappy OEM contis, and a similar time in the E30 M3 on Hoosiers before major suspension and engine modifications.

Others and I made comments on NHMS here:

I didn't watch the entire session, but you don't seem to be using all the track exiting 10. You have the chance to straighten the wheel and get on the throttle there if you track all the way out.

You seem to be trail braking a little into 9, but you can be more aggresive with that and brake later.

I can't tell if you are trail braking into 2b or not, but the fast way around there is to actually get on the throttle after hitting the apex of 2a (I try to get on the curb there with the inside wheels), and then trail brake hard into 2b to set yourself up for 3. That's my approach, and I've seen known fast drivers do the same thing when I rode shotgun with them.

The bowl should be more or less a constant steering input corner until the next apex, and you need to steer the car with the throttle going up the hill.

Hope this helps.