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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Good to hear, but am curious if you never heard the associated knocking when bearings start going bad. There have been many videos of the sound, which is quite obvious inside a garage. Never heard of an S65 engine going from perfect to BOOM!.

And yes, these threads make me a little uneasy. I was excited about reading another thread with M3s with 70K+ miles and no problems. Luck of the draw, I guess. And with my luck, I have reason to be concerned .
Strange, yes. But regretfully, mine seems to have gone from "perfect to BOOM". It was more of a "clang-clang" to be exact. Sounded as though some large metal object fell and hit the street. There wasn't anything down there, but the tech told me that a rod shot right through the engine.

He specifically said it was due to a bad "rod bearing". Again, I don't know exact production numbers, but I would be willing to guess that based on what I have found (or not found!), these problems seem to be just a "luck of the draw" kind of thing. I have full confidence that the car is otherwise just fine, and now even better w/ a new motor.

They really didn't have to let me into their restricted area to see the car "in surgery", and as an enthusiast (I have some other, fun rides that can be viewed by clicking on the "back to tale of..." then click on "sets" in my original link, above) and a customer, I was really impressed.