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Cool 2011.75 Interlagos Blue M-Individual Interior Euro Delivery Report Journal

After many months of planning, coordinating, and decision making, and with close coordination with both David Aviles and The good folks of BMW M-Individual GmbH, the delivery of my dream M3 sedan has been completed. Hope you guys enjoy this quick report

Planning stages
For over a year now, I've been mauling over the purchase of an M3 sedan, since having a family with 2 kids and a very demanding job have reduced the amount of time I can actually spend on the track, I decided that an e90 M3 sedan would be the best fit for my needs.

It provides:
  • 4 doors yet a very aggressive sporty look
  • M driving dynamics thru and thru
  • that S65 glorious engine
  • likelihood of not seeing a F3X sedan, at least any time soon

Once these requirements where analyzed, the next decision was the colors.... and no other color, IMHO, symbolizes the M dna more than interlagos blue, thus an easy choice for an exterior. I considered Monte Carlo blue very closely, but decided to invest the money in the interior instead. For over a decade, i've been fascinated by well done two-tone interiors in luxury sports coupes/saloons, and the blue two-tone on the e39 M5 was one for the ages.

Thus, I contacted M-individual GmbH, and thanks to the hard work and help of the likes of Christine Fleischer, David Aviles, and a few other folks, we started the process of deciding which interior combination would make the car have that unique touch. After several iterations, including some photoshop ideas, I settled on an interior that would be quite unique for a e90 M3 sedan.

Here with Christine Fleischer and Matt Russell:

The order was put thru late 2010, for a delivery in spring of 2011.

Arrival in Munich, M-individual

The planned trip started with a red-eye flight arrival to Munich on 5/11. From there, we went directly to the M facility in Munich, and visited with Christine, and looked around some of the goodies out there.

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No pictures where allowed in the premises, but I took this one without permission... Yes, I did see an M5, an M6 coupe and convertible, a Valencia M3 with a Valencia 1M side by side, and a few other goodies I cannot speak of

We had the pleasure of looking at some of the few goodies available thru M-individual, as well as looking at some of the limited edition cars such as the GTS M3 and the original e38 7-series M individual:

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if it was only available here in the US...oh well

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After the tour, we went to our hotel, dropped off the luggage, and headed to enjoy our lone day in Munich...visits to the Marienplatz, Hofbrahaus, and a few good eateries around town! Next time you guys are there, you HAVE to try Hugo's italian lounge: amazing!

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Delivery at Welt Center, 5/12

the next morning, was time to get up, and go to the BMW Welt Center to take delivery of the beast. We arrived at 9:00am, and headed to the lounge to sign all the paperwork and wait for the M3 to be finally delivered.

the valencia orange 1M was beautiful and very aggressive:

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pictures don't do Hellrot Red is a STUNNING red color, and likely my next color for an M:

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the "long" wait for the car:

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FINALLY! She is here:

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Proud new owner:

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first sit down....whoa!

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the M-individual two tone interior... fox red/black novillo with contrast stitching:

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the Man who delivered our car, Bernard Hausmaniger... not kidding!

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first drive, the victory lap around the welt center:

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well, there she was...finally got her, and it was all I expected and more. We put our luggage in the car, filled her up with Gas, and on we went to our 1st stop on the journey from Munich: The castles of Fussen!

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