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Cliffs quoted from pg. 47

-Round 1
-Vid gets posted of Grant hitting a deer in his 'dads' GT500
-Grant posts and laughs it off and says that he is sorry he messed up 'his fathers' car, but 'live and learn' crap
-Continue 10 pages of people flaming Grant and Grant flaming back
-Grants neighbor/ex-friend/? posts saying that it wasn't Grants fathers car, it was his fathers car which Grant had stolen that night
-Also accuses Grant of putting over 300 hard miles on it where at one point it's check engine light came on and Grant reset it using his scanner tool and went back to beating on it
-Text message image surfaces from one of Grants friends that had been texted after grant was bragging about putting drag radials on the GT500 and taken it out for a night of racing including doing a burnout till the tires had steel coming out them
-Total disowning of Grant commences - Round 2
-Grant first tries to downplay this by saying the damage was minimal and its not a big deal
-Grant tries to play it off saying the video was a joke he made the whole story up to get attention
-Grant goes back to downplaying the damage
-Grant brags that if the father is trying to press charges, the cops haven't found him yet
-Thread starts to slow down
-GT500 son mentions that his wheels were stolen a while back and now after the untrustworthy actions of Grant, he suspects him as a possible theif
-Another member here mentions Grant texted him a while back and wanted him to buy a set of wheels, most likely the same set as the ones that were stolen from GT500 son while he was away on a trip.
-More communication went underway and from what I understand, Grant invited the potential buyers over to GT500 sons own house to look at GT500 sons wheels that Grant was in the process of stealing*
-Thread explodes again Round 3