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Originally Posted by InCityPhoto View Post
Kid seems pretty acceptable of what he did on the forum, He said he told his dad and he was ok with it, and that it was just a freak thing.. I don't see anything wrong with that, we have all had freak things happen, and his just happened to be caught on a camera phone.
You didn't read whole thread.

He broke into someone else's truck to open the garage door. Found the keys to gt 500, mounted DRs on it and had some fun with those, went to a car meet and put 400+ miles on the car, then hit a deer. Claimed damage was just to mirror and that he fixed it. In reality he just dropped the car back off at the guys house he stole it from. Even went as far as to re-cover the vehicle with the car cover, with body damage down the right side, mirror hanging off, and rims scratched. Then lied lied lied about it all, charges filed, he turned himself in and is facing grand theft auto charges.

Kid is a royal dumbass that should be removed from our society.
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Straight PIITB. Then eat dumplings.