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Originally Posted by M3_WC View Post
So basically we are now calling the entry-level Ferrari a "supercar"?

Yes the 458 is amazing, I drool over it. But it is not a supercar. A supercar is a Zonda, Koenigsegg, or Veyron.

Same goes for the GTR, it is not a supercar. Yes it is quick, but it is missing some main ingredients to be labeled a supercar. I hate how that word is just tossed around now.

Your supercars are barely seconds quicker around the track (eg. regular veyron is 0.8 seconds faster than the 458 on a short course - and the 458 doesn't even have AWD)

Hockenheim short, the 458 and both original and facelifted GT-Rs beat the Zonda F.

Same situation around nurburgring. Only the clubsport version of the Zonda F gets past the 458 and GT-R - and the facelifted GT-R beats it anyways.

They all have 'top 1%' performance, and they all have 'less than 1%' representation.
Performance, and rarity.
That makes both a supercar and an exotic.

But like all definitions, there's a range of cars that fit into it.
Eg. All these are "GT" cars - and so is a chevy impala.
But you wouldn't cross shop an impala with a veyron... (well, unless you have 'tycoon money' and they are both 'cheap like water' in your mind).

Anyways, they're all supercars - to some degree. Some more 'super' than others.

Over time, the slower ones will be matched or eclipsed by your daily regular cars - at which point they will be 'ex super cars'.
(eg. 335i will stomp a testarossa, but back in the day the testarossa was shit hot).
In this regard, the 458 and GT-R will be eclipsed sooner than say a veyron.