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Originally Posted by adrean8j View Post
These are all "fair-weather" fans my friend....just the culture of sports in Miami...whereas towns like Chicago (and dare I say the hated NYC and Boston) have fans no matter what!

My problem with Heat fans is that they assume they are entitled to "win" every game...where were these fans last year when D. Wade was struggling alone? So that proves to me that these are "Lebron" fans and not "Heat" fans...I was a fan of the old school Bulls with Michael AND a fan of the so-called "baby" Bulls of the last decade or so..
I don't like Lebron. I'm personally a wade fan. So you should restate your comment to "some heat fans". Those bandwagon heat fans your talking about I don't like them either , I have friends like that. Never talked about the heat last year , now there "loyal" fans.
"Surviving in a game where many don't win".