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Originally Posted by CollinsE90 View Post
When I turned 21, I blacked out and woke up about 75% through puking on the floor

woke up wiping my mouth after a couple spits and told my friend that isnt a lot of puke for how much I drank tonight, and they replied "you've been puking for 5 minutes"
When I turned 21.... I woke up at 6am with my face in barf.. I was naked and cold in a hotel room after I finished up barfing (In the toliet) so I started the bath and slept the rest of the morning in that (I was too drunk/mad to realize or want to sleep in the bed again (my gf took the sheets off so it was okay to sleep)( yes, this is the 2nd set of parenthesis inside this set of parenthesis )) . I woke up, barfed somemore.. and more and more and more

At 10pm the next night, my hangover/barfescapade finally ended.

This was 2 weekends ago.

def did not give any fucks about my bimmerpost birthday wishes on this particular night