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FS: (GA)1998.5 M3 Estoril/Mulberry 5spd Coupe

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After 6 years of wonderful ownership, I am sad to even be typing this ad. However, the time has come for me and my beloved M to part ways.
Here is the original for sale thread from 2005:

The specs:
*Completely Stock*
1998.5 M3 Coupe 5spd
102,000 miles
Estoril Blue Exterior (Estoril over Mulberry is rare)
Mulberry Interior(a bit darker than Dove, more of a marbled grey)
Vader Manual Seats (not powered, not heated, no cold weather package)
Factory wingless
Wired in Valentine one Radar detector (was there when I purchased it, still works perfectly, although I don't use it)
This is a 1998.5 car, which has the 1999 upgrades--3 spoke steering wheel and rear headrests

Before I get into the maintenance, and before I'm asked about it, know that in 2005, about 6 months after I bought the car, I was pulled out in front of on a major road near me, swerved left to try to miss them, but didn't. The result was a front right impact. I took the car to the best repair shop in my area, Magnum Collision, and had the repair done. The bumper and right front fender were replaced, hence the DOT-R in the picture of the fender. Paint is perfect, to the point that I can not even tell that it they have been replaced, and has been that way for the last 5 yrs. I am a huuuge stickler for perfect exterior on my cars, and as you can see from the pictures, it is done right, and has a lifetime warranty. The car tracks straight and true, with zero vibrations or wobbles, and shows no sign of ever being in an impact. In fact, their work was so good, that I had them repair some minor issues that were there when I bought the car. There were two door dings, one on each rear fender that were fixed, as well as a roof crease that was removed with paintless dent removal, all things that were there when I purchased it in 2005. The result now, is a perfectly straight body, without a ding in sight. You will see a little bit of road rash on the front of the car, ordinary for a bumper with 42K on it.

-Just replaced hood struts 5/20/2011
-Oil changed every 3000 miles-just had it changed-Mobil 1
-Driver’s side Window motor replaced 8/25/2010
-New tires put on 1/14/2010 at 92000 miles -Falken Ziex 912-225/45 front, 245/40 in the rear. These only have 10k on them and are nearly new with a long life ahead of them.
-Headlight dimmer switch repaired-10/25/10 (was falling inside the dash)
-Windshield Wiper Cover replaced-10/25/10 (black plastic trim underneath the windshied wipers-was cracking a bit
-Air Filter Replaced-10/25/10
-Brakes are in great shape and do not need replacement for a while
-No leaks of any kind anywhere
-I've had all pulleys and belts replaced within the last year
-Replaced right front wheel bearing-2/21/09 at 86, 232 miles
-Replaced thrust arm bushings-2/21/09 at 86,232 miles
-Replaced transmission and differential oil with Royal Purple 6/05
-Replaced drivers side (front and rear) black window molding and rubber-was starting to look aged
-Replaced rear window black window molding-was also starting to look aged-2/09
-Floor mats replaced with new black M3 mats 1/5/07
-Ordered and replaced chargeable glove compartment flashlight (was missing from the car when I bought it)

There may be more I've forgotten but that's everything I have in front of me right now. I have receipts for everything.

Minor issues:
-The headlights are original, and the inner headlight lens on the passenger side has fallen slightly forward in its housing. Functionally it works fine, you can see it in the pics. I haven't had a chance to get it fixed or replaced yet.
-The passenger side mirror for some reason will not respond to the switch anymore. I adjusted it manually and I never have had a need to readjust it, so I didn't see a need to get it repaired.

I have bought and sold many cars on forums, bought cars out of state and driven them back, sold cars and shipped them out, you name it. If you are an out of state buyer I am open to you having someone inspect the car, or having a friend come look at it for some face time. The same goes for someone local. I am an honest seller, and I've included every detail I can think of in this ad.

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