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OK. Here goes; these are the pics I took prior to mounting. Great if you can work things out from here and share back.
Here are the various codes from the pics:
60110048 18E10,
60110028 11G10,
60110145 32G10

I am as intrigued as any of us to learn of any differences. As you see they also have a slightly different top plate for camber adjustment etc.
Florian Ebel is the contact at in Munich if you are interested in these. As I mentioned in earlier posts, they were great to work with and certainly have some solid racing pedigree.

PS. As a side note, i will shortly post a separate thread and video from this weeks HPDE at PIR. The car set up is a blast! i took a private driver coaching session and got some great data and feedback to share. It is also very humbling (and a great learning experience) when a professional driver drives your car!

Hope the spring info helps those out who are interested. Let me know if you need more. Cheers.

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As rldzhao said in his post, the CS kits use KW's linear racing springs. The good news is that the spring part number (that's printed on the spring itself) includes a code that identifies the rate, the free length and the diameter. In other words, if they're KW racing springs, then the rates are printed on them and you don't need to ask the guy you bought them from.

Next time you have the car in the air, check your springs and post the printed numbers (all of them - there are other codes on them as well that identify the manufacturing batch and so on). Once you post the part number we can figure out the rates from there.
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