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I had a friend with 2 lesbian moms. He wound up being very feminine and bitchy and whined like a little fuck girl. I had to stop being friends with him.
Not me buddy ol pal
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You owe me $100, no PM

Dakota.. not sure. I'm sure like everyone I fit some stereotypes (.. I watch HGTV and DIY network), but for the most part I (..we) like to do projects around the house, going camping, road trips, working on my car when needed. Pretty boring.. My dad used to be a diesel mechanic and I've always liked cars, I've done clutches headgaskets etc.. Not fan of anyone who uses the term "boi" or little flamer bitches who wear capri pants and have aviators..

When I had the hottub delivered the delivery guy was gay and when he finally asked if we were he said he wasn't sure because we had an air compressor and tools..

... Now, I just need to figure out why he is sleeping in the room with me still if we are splitting up.
Tools do sound pretty straight, hes got a point.

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Because if gay dudes are anything like straight dudes, he still wants to fuck
Idk, this still grosses me out.. the thought...