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Originally Posted by Crisp View Post
Share your tuning here or post it up for constructive criticism (which is what I'll be doing).

I need some suggestions for my E92 M3. The setup is not very aggressive, but the car is not staying as planted as I would like around the Nurburgring.

It did 7:16 around the ring with 2 huge mistakes but it was still very hard to control since they tail was always kicking out during BRAKING (even with a brake distribution of 7 front and 3 rear and lower in the rear than the front) and also going "air born" a bit too much to take high speed turns.

I'll post my exact setup tonight but here is the video:

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Constructive criticism is welcomed as I am still a novice.

Edit. Damn FB video isn't working.
I'll upload it to youtube later or add me on FB. lol
Do you find the M3 understeer even without gas on through low speed corner like the first corner in Tsukuba. Whats your setting for the LSD?