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its all about diet, everyone has their own point and everyone has their own method, you just have to find yours because not everyones body reacts the same

for me i workout pretty much 7 days a week but i use a 4 day cycle

i have been hitting the gym for almost 2 years now but i didnt start doing things the right way until about a year ago

so my routine at the gym is like this

Day 1 an hour of Chest then 1 hour of abs and cardio
Day 2 an hour of shoulders then 1 hour of abs and cardio
Day 3 an hour of arms (tricep/biceps) then 1 hour of abs and cardio
Day 4 an hour on back then 1 hour of abs and cardio

you can change it up once in a while too because you dont want your body and muscle to get used to the same routine

always change things, muscle shave memories too, trick your body sometimes.

PS. i know i should be doing legs and stuff too im just lazy, but i will start soon

my weight was like this, before i join the gym i was 205lbs, then i drop down to 185 lbs and now i am back up to 200lbs

hope this helps