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The 1M has upgraded cooling so I doubt it will over heat.

As far as HPFP goes I have a modded 335i and have not had over heating or HPFP issues once knock on the wood. I have driven plenty of M cars and not once have felt that I am bored of my car after getting out of the M car. To me my car is practical daily driver that is fast and great fun. If I wanted to buy an M3 I could have and came close to doing it. But at this time with my daily commute of 45 minutes every day in grid lock it makes no sense for me to have a V8 that burns gas like there is no tomorrow. I can see how some people that have highway commute or weekend toy love their M3 and ignore the biggest gas guzzler flaw. But to be honest M3 eats too much gas thanks to its exotic engine. I am glad BMW did not make that mistake in 1M with ever increasing gas prices.

I can only imagine a lighter, cheaper, meaner 1M with greater gas mileage is causing many M3 owners to justify some how that there car is better then 1M. No offense but I do not get this need of M3 owners to get their panties in a bunch and trash 1M as if they are
suffering from small dick syndrome.

Many of these M3 owners have not even driven 1M yet they sit here passing judgment like they know which one is more fun to drive.

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The 1M will be a great track car until the oil overheats and the car goes into limp mode or the HPFP goes out
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