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Originally Posted by E90///M3` View Post
i saw tightie & niterider at MFEST but tightie's car wasn't ready and i didn't see niterider's car.

I saw both of them and their car's at bimmerfest. i couldn't tell but one of their car's kept revving away to show the sound of the exhaust and blow-off valves on their supercharger kits.
My car was running fine at Mfest also. It was on low boost (9.5 psi). I was debating on entering the drag strip but I saw the poor times/poor track conditions and just didn't pull the trigger. I didn't come prepared and I was on R888s. (No D/Rs, Race gas, nothing)

My car has a hard time keeping traction already as it is, launching it at the strip is not only dangerous but most likely will be spinning tires the whole way down on street tires.

People can take that as a "excuse" but I'm over the whole pissing match with other companies. I'll give credit when due and I'll post results/dynos/runs when I want. My car isn't going to be apples to apples to any company car so from my point of view, I frankly don't care.

Yeah, it took a while but it's done. That's all I care about. I'm sure other companies will come out with a setup like mine but I like being the first. There is TONS and TONS of work that goes into my build, it's not a simple "hey lets lower the compression and bump up the boost" If it was, You would see a bunch of these little monsters flying around. I'm happy with the choices I have made with the car and I hope people can respect that.

I built the car for myself, my own enjoyment, not anyone elses. Do I have dynos? Yes. Do I have 60-130 runs? Yes. Do I footage of my car killing other cars? Yes.

Am I going to post any of them.. Nope.
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