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few pointers...

2700 calories a day...ur not gonna be gaining much muscle mass. And if you're working out that much, i assume you're losing some body mass. Eat up if you wanna get yolk.

I say at least 3100 calories. 38gs of proteins is waaaayyy too little. Thats something i take after a workout session. Should take approximately 1-2 grams of protein per lb of weight.

My model has always been 60% diet, 30% weight lifting, 10% supplements.

What you eat reflects how you look. Eat right and eat clean. Supplements should consist of these few essentials: whey protein (pre and post workout), pre workout drinks (i.e NO explode), efa, and most importantly daily vitamins.

One thing i would suggest in working out is dont worry too much on how heavy u can lift, instead, concentrate on proper movement and techniques. Ive seen too many ppl at the gym with aweful techniques. Lastly, working out should be fun, so challenge urself to new ways to conquer the same muscle group. Just dont overdo it.
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