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Originally Posted by racedoc11 View Post
+1 pictures please
I finally put my PSS 275/30/19 and 296/30/19's on. They fit fine except under full compression the rear will rub just a tad. I drive pretty hard and they've shaved just enough of the corner of the outer shoulder (maybe .5mm) now I don't hear it anymore

My initial impressions - if you like the "square rubber" look these are for you. The additional rubber on the sidewall make the ride more bearable than the stock 245/265 ps2's - they are almost as comfortable as the 275 18's I use for track. However the down side is that there is a bit of side wall "play" Steering is not as crisp as with rubber with stretched sidewall. Similar to suspension, once you settle into a turn it does just fine and my with 295's in the rear they really stick to the road! I'd say for street this setup is just fine but for track I'd want something with less sidewall movement. I like the square look and the more comfortable ride.

Pictures below will show that the rears fill up the wheelwell pretty good. Keep in mind I have the zcp package which is lower by 0.5in.

Full gallery here:

Compared to the square 275/35/18 apex arc-8's that work great on track: