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Coast ghost

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Originally Posted by L4ces View Post
Yes, I got your PM. I can meet downtown but it feels a little congested at times. I don't have a problem riding out to your area; I would prefer it over the stressful lunch breaks.

First, I want to say that Coast Ghost is a really nice guy. I really appreciated the time. I told him you were near by and we discussed whether we could afford to hang around so you can hear it too and simply meet for a moment, but time was indeed a factor.

We both idled our cars for comparison, the difference was huge. My M3 didn't deserve the M3 badge. In the forums I've read, the Dinan's are said to be lesser in louder than most others (tamer). I thought the sound range was huge. In normal driving it has the potential to just step up with a huge presence. While driving a few cars behind it, I was able to hear it without effort.

Oh, the throttle blip will startle other drivers causing some to perhaps swerve, I would have to reconsider driving habits when around other cars and people. With OEM, I can get away with stepping on the throttle heavily (not speeding just gassing it a bit), with Coast Ghosts setup I'd have to be out of the neighborhood else everyone will know who it is. I guess that comes with the territory.

But I can tell you this, there is a big disconnect between that heard out back than what you hear inside (yes obvious). But, if you haven't heard your setup from behind on the hiway, you should do so. I was shocked at how loud things got and it didn't compute. Echoing from building and stuff is what others tend to hear and it could get insane. Insane is the correct description too because it literally screams, my old 5.0 Mustang rumbled and roared. Coast Ghost hasn't heard his own car from the other drivers perspective, else he might be overly conscious and drive like a granny.
Sorry no granny action here, their going to have to listen to that BMW V-8!! I'm sure it's not much different than a full akropovac setup as far as sound goes, but like I said it may not be for everyone, ecspecially a DD in the city.just replacing the exhaust only gives these cars a great sound IMO, no need to go with the full system like mine, just personal preference.