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Converting 93 octane to noise.
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Originally Posted by Genro757 View Post
Whats up guys...its Gennaro (08 AW E92 M3)...great to see you guys are still in the and the car are back in Germany...shoot me a holla if any of you ever make it over this way (TDY/Duty/Deployment)...and I'll show you around...take you on the autobahn so you can see what are cars are really made for instead of having to be stuck at 55mph and worrying if PD will pull you over when you want to open her up a little bit...if the timing is right...I'll take you guys to one of our MFlight meets and introduce you to the rest of the crew
Sounds good bro! I almost got sent to Naples, but if something goes on in Deutschland, I'll definitely hit you up. The M flight is a pretty tight crew, isn't it?