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Originally Posted by GnokGnik View Post
A large portion of Bimmerpost posters are badge whores with small penis syndrome.
The 1M is amazing, and should be a dream come true for real track enthusiasts.
That said, the 1 series is ugly imo.
I'm not sure this is true in all or even most cases Journalists have the car for a few days, but I would be curious how they feel in 6 months to a year after driving the car every day? I lived with a modded N54 335i for almost 2 years and have to say, the first few months I was impressed. My car was at the same or beyond the 1M power levels and had the M3 suspension pieces. But after a while I was bored.....and after we test drove the M3 that was it. Two years later I still enjoy driving the M3 and I'm not bored at all. To each their own, but the 1M just doesn't excite me, mainly due to the choice of the N54 motor.
The 1M will be a great track car until the oil overheats and the car goes into limp mode or the HPFP goes out

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